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Why do Swedish front doors open outwards?

Why do Swedish front doors open outwards?

Touring Sweden for the first time? Or maybe reading up on the Swedish culture and way of life? Perhaps you’ve gone through a few doors in Sweden and thought to yourself, ‘Wait a second, something’s amiss’. And by the time you realized what was up, you were left asking yourself, ‘why do Swedish front doors open outwards?’

Culture shocks are quite common when visiting the Nordic lands. So today, we’ll be taking a gander at why doors in Sweden, and many other Nordic countries, open outwards.

So, why do Swedish front doors swing outwards?

Classic Swedish homes always had double doors, where one door panel swung inwards, and the other swung outwards. That is to say, one of the panels swung away from the home and the other swung inwards, into the home.

This had a purpose of course. Double doors were used because they significantly increased the spaciousness of the door entry-way. Neat right?

Doors that swing outwards are safer

Nowadays we have modern equipment that reduces the risk of fires breaking out, and tackle them should they do so. But, in case of a big fire, you’d be forced to make a hasty exit through your front door. So, you’d run through the door. If the door were inward swinging, you’d have to stop, open the door, and run out. In the case of outward swinging, you can simply open as you run without stopping.

It’s easier to push than to pull

The Swedes believe that it’s easier to push open a door, than it is to pull open one. And they are right. Thus, since people are more inclined to push than to pull, Swedish front doors are installed to swing outwards.

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